The Beit Midrash is where Kolot develops its own dynamic curriculum and unique teaching methodologies to respond to the present-day needs of Israel’s community leaders.

Both Kolot program facilitators as well as senior staff participate in this creative process that links value-driven study to value-driven action.  

Members of the Kolot Beit Midrash regularly publish articles in the Israeli press and engage the wider public in a variety of ways.

Members of the Beit Midrash, 5776 – Ilana Biton, Dov Berkovitz, Dudu Liberman, Hagit Sabag-Israel, Lior Tal, Moshe Meir, Tzvi Gilat, Shlomo Fox, Shuli Rosenak-Isaacs, Tidhar Guttman. The members of the Beit Midrash represent a wide range of identities found within Israeli society. They currently serve as leading educators throughout pluralistic Batei Midrash. Among our members are Rabbis from three of the most common streams in Judaism today, members who affiliate with Judaism as a culture, academic scholars and social activists, members who come from Israel’s center and periphery and more.

What have we done over the past year?

During the year 5775 Kolot Beit Midrash focused on developing educational materials and methods for guiding leading figures within Israeli society.

We concentrated on the following four fields:

  1. Developing and redesigning the Kolot Pillars
  2. Confronting the disintegration of a shared social narrative
  3. Meeting the challenge of creating a meaningful and moral work space
  4. Leading communities.

What does the year 5776 hold in store?

Over the coming year we will continue to develop educational materials concerning key challenges facing Israeli society. Furthermore, we plan on writing a guidebook for Beit Midrash facilitators in Israel and throughout the world. Within the guidebook we will offer educational programs that are based on the Kolot Pillars, as well as significant overarching themes, aimed at meeting the challenges we identified.